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Dated: May 31 2019

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Every person deserves to have a Realtor that honestly is working for the best interest of their client.  I am that person. 

Recently, I was representing a buyer.  We discovered a listing and the listing agent had not done their job to discover the real property taxes that a buyer would have to pay when they purchased the house.  That listing agent didn't make the one phone call it took me to find out what the effect of her non-occupying homeowner (flipper, in this case) meant to the amount of taxes due on that property.  She reported a 2017 number with a homeowner exemption in place, even though the owner was not occupying the house for more than six months and had most likely lost their homeowner's exemption.  2017 property taxes May have been low, allowing a buyer to believe they could afford this house.  They were $1,350 per year.  The taxes without the homeowner's exemption in place were slightly larger, $4,435.05 which changed the buyer's property tax portion of their P.I.T.I. (principal & interest, taxes and insurance) from $112.50 to $369.59.  The buyer's debt to income ratio went through the roof and they could not qualify for the house.  They were disappointed that they couldn't buy the house but their agent (me) protected them and got a refund of their earnest money deposit. 

Another story which will illuminate another way a good Realtor (like me) can help a seller is to have the seller listen to their advice.  As a former real estate appraiser, my estimate of value is typically closer to the actual value than other agents without that background.  I told the seller the market showed their home to be worth "X" but because the market was increasing quickly we could try a little more.  The seller, instead of being satisfied with the lower number and closing without incident decided to ask more.  We had two offers.  One for what I told the seller it was worth and one for the seller's estimate of value.  The appraisal was done.  It matched my original estimate and the first offer.  We sold it for the higher number that I had recommended and the buyer paid the difference between appraised value and sales price.  The seller got more than I had originally suggested but less than what they wanted.  The seller was happy, the buyer was happy, and both agents in the transaction were happy. 

You must know, like, and trust your agent.  90+% of my business comes from either repeat or referral.  You don't earn that business without taking great care of your clients.  I have assisted over 1,500 clients to buy or sell their homes. 

Call me when you are ready to buy or sell real estate in Boise, Meridian, or Eagle, Idaho!

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